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Custom Barn Doors | Custom Woodwork

Arizona Barn Doors began by hand crafting interior sliding barn doors in Gilbert, AZ. With the talent, woodworking abilities, and skills of our team, we now customize more than just barn doors. We offer custom woodwork for doors, walls, and furniture.  We customize, design, build and install all of our projects.

Barn doors can be added to partition of any room in your home, office, business space, or simply to add unique and artistic style. The sliding feature of a barn door offers great versatility to a space, offering a slide open design versus a traditional sing out door. Bathrooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens, bars, exposed rooms, sheds, or any other space you can think of, can benefit from the style and function one of our custom doors.

 Interior Sliding Barn Doors | Custom Interior Doors

Residential & Commercial Projects

  • Reclaimed Wood, Classic Wood, New Wood Doors. Designs to fit any style from classic to modern and contemporary. A variety of colors and hues to choose from.
  • Classic, Standard, Horseshoe and Aged Barn Door Hardware. The exposed hardware adds depth and unique style to each custom barn door design.
  • Endless Custom Design Choices. Plank Style Barn Doors, X-Brace Doors, Z-Brace Doors, French Brace Doors, Mid Bar Style Doors, or Custom Doors to choose from. Consult with us to help choose what’s right for you.

Exterior Sliding Barn Doors

  • Garage Doors, Shed Doors, Garden Entrances & More. Barn Doors can be used beyond the original farmhouse or hay storage. Incorporate a Door into your outdoor space to add style and functionality.


 Custom Wood Work

Residential & Commercial Projects

  • Custom Wood Wall Designs.  Half Walls, Full Walls, Dividing Walls, Commercial Lounge Walls, Accent Walls.  With the variety of wood available, along with colors and hues, we can design a wall that brings a space to life.
  • Custom Wood furniture.


Our team if artisans are here to assist you. There are many variables when designing custom pieces. Please contact us for pricing and information.

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