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Arizona Barn Doors began by hand crafting interior sliding barn doors in Gilbert, AZ. With the talent, woodworking abilities, and skills of our team, we now customize more than just barn doors. We offer custom woodwork for doors, walls, and furniture.  We customize, design, build and install all of our projects.

Barn doors can be added to partition of any room in your home, office, business space, or simply to add unique and artistic style. The sliding feature of a barn door offers great versatility to a space, offering a slide open design versus a traditional sing out door. Bathrooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens, bars, exposed rooms, sheds, or any other space you can think of, can benefit from the style and function one of our custom doors.

 Interior Sliding Barn Doors | Custom Interior Doors

Residential & Commercial Projects

  • Reclaimed Wood, Classic Wood, New Wood Doors. Designs to fit any style from classic to modern and contemporary. A variety of colors and hues to choose from.
  • Classic, Standard, Horseshoe and Aged Barn Door Hardware. The exposed hardware adds depth and unique style to each custom barn door design.
  • Endless Custom Design Choices. Plank Style Barn Doors, X-Brace Doors, Z-Brace Doors, French Brace Doors, Mid Bar Style Doors, or Custom Doors to choose from. Consult with us to help choose what’s right for you.

Exterior Sliding Barn Doors

  • Garage Doors, Shed Doors, Garden Entrances & More. Barn Doors can be used beyond the original farmhouse or hay storage. Incorporate a Door into your outdoor space to add style and functionality.


 Custom Wood Work

Residential & Commercial Projects

  • Custom Wood Wall Designs.  Half Walls, Full Walls, Dividing Walls, Commercial Lounge Walls, Accent Walls.  With the variety of wood available, along with colors and hues, we can design a wall that brings a space to life.
  • Custom Wood furniture.


Our team if artisans are here to assist you. There are many variables when designing custom pieces. Please contact us for pricing and information.

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Custom Barn Doors & Woodwork | Arizona Barn Doors-About Us

Arizona Barn Doors

Kevin Davis who has 20 years of experience in commercial glass, and owns his own glass company here in Arizona, founded Arizona Barn Doors after being requested to fashion a couple interior sliding barn doors for some Arizona homeowners. Recognizing how much he enjoyed crafting the custom barn doors, and having a great appreciation for the aesthetics of the finished project, Kevin set out to create his own custom barn door company in Gilbert, AZ. Using high quality wood and hardware, and fixtures, Kevin and his company now manufacture high end custom barn doors for homeowners throughout the Valley.

Interior Sliding Barn Doors & Woodwork

Not only do the custom doors and woodwork offer great statement pieces for your home, but they also offer convenience. Mounted on sliders, the barn doors move effortlessly across the tracks and provide space saving capability since they do no open like traditional doors. The tracks and doors can be fashioned to fit almost any space to provide functionality and beauty. All doors are custom made and specific to the space requirements, and design preferences of the homeowner. With tons of design options, contact our office to learn about all your possibilities.

Interior Sliding Barn Doors were the beginning of our company, however we have expanded to doing custom wood walls and are beginning to design high end wood furniture. We invite you to explore the possible gorgeous and timeless creations wood has to offer.

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Barn Doors & Custom Woodwork | Arizona Barn Doors


Arizona’s preferred custom door and woodwork specialists.

Custom Doors







Arizona Barn Doors offers unique, custom designed, sliding interior barn doors, made right in Gilbert, AZ. Interior barn doors can be used anywhere in a home, from bathrooms, to closets, living rooms, dens and more. Barn doors offer a unique style, as well as space saving abilities, as they slide rather than swing open. Being that each barn door is custom designed in Gilbert, Arizona, the door can be made to reflect the style and feel of your home. Whether you seek the traditional rustic barn door, or you wish to create a modern, classic, contemporary, or vintage feel, we are able to accommodate your style in our work. We work with a variety of quality wood and materials, including unique, exposed hardware, to accentuate our artisan sliding barn doors. As masters of our craft, we pay attention to detail and create intriguing, beautiful barn doors, custom wood creations, and overall unique creations for our customers. We handle everything from customization, to installation. Contact Us today for your next project.


Whether you have a barn door style in mind, or you are just beginning to explore the unique and aesthetic appeal of incorporating a barn door in your home, you’ve come to the right place. At Arizona Barn Doors, we hand craft each door from high quality, durable wood, and personally stain all the hardware we install. Each door is made in Gilbert, Arizona, making your custom door as local as it gets. To begin the process of getting a custom interior barn door installed in your home, call us and schedule a time for us to come to your home and consult with you and evaluate your space. We will take measurements, and create a design to reflect your style and vision, and once approved, begin our work. We handle everything from initial consultation, to design, and installation. Call today and ask about our custom woodwork for walls, mirrors, and other accent points in your home. We look forward to answering your questions, and creating a beautiful barn door masterpiece for your home.



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A passion to bring artisan doors and fixtures to life…perfectly accentuating any room in your home.


Arizona Barn Doors is a family operation. Founder and local Gilbert resident, Kevin Davis, works alongside the talents of his family. Together they have brought to life artisan interior sliding barn doors, right here in the East Valley of Arizona.Barn Doors, previously just used for entry into large farm buildings that housed feed and livestock, are now becoming popular because of their visual appeal, and practicality. Today, Arizona Barn Doors is taking the classic aged architecture of traditional barn doors and creating new, custom masterpieces to add unique style and flair to Arizona homes.

Custom Barn Doors

Custom barn doors are a great accent to any home aesthetically and also offer a unique functionality. Sliding barn doors open and close seamlessly across walls making them ideal for specific areas in your home. Would love the opportunity to craft a custom barn door for your office, pantry, bedroom, bathroom and more. Our materials and design elements can match your current decor and offer the perfect accent to any room in your home.